October 28, 2020

Elegant Backyard Wedding Inspiration

Planning a wedding and looking for some inspiration for an elegant backyard wedding in South Florida? Couples who choose an elegant backyard wedding in South Florida usually have a few reasons why they want one, ranging from just loving being outdoors, to the sentimentality of getting married at a family home. 

There is so much thought and heart put into these weddings, and as a photographer, I want to share some elegant backyard wedding inspiration. I love photographing them! So excited to share a some elegant backyard wedding inspiration in case you are considering a small backyard wedding, a poolside wedding, or a large tented wedding reception after a church ceremony.

For Francisco and Miguel, the choose to get married in their family home in Miami, with an elegant backyard wedding reception.  Their ceremony, held pool side, was the perfect setting for exchanging vows, with Francisco’s family home as the backdrop. The tropical backyard really honored their Miami roots and allowed them to create a vision that was truly personal and reflective of their style.

Classic Backyard Elegance

Outdoor wedding tents can be totally dressed up to fit any theme, from simple to disco ball infused elegance! From the moment you walked into Francisco and Miguel’s wedding reception in a custom Sperry tent, you felt as though you were walking into a candlelight garden. As soon as the sun went down, the party got going complete with a disco ball! There are no limits to the creativity and options you can choose for your wedding day, especially when it’s at home!

Endless Photo Opportunities for Backyard Weddings in South Florida

This is the thing that a lot of people worry about, and it’s the last thing you should worry about. Can we go off the property for photos? Sure. But honestly, that is rarely needed.  I guarantee you I can identify many places in the yard for photos that will look amazing. We walked a through Francisco’s childhood neighborhood for portraits, incorporating all the beauty of South Florida.

It’s so nice for family portraits without worrying about driving around town. I’ll tell you quite honestly that the family photos from outdoor weddings are often some of my client’s favorites because we can do them quickly after the ceremony or before.  Just a few steps away from Kathryn’s family home in Palm Beach, was the most gorgeous afternoon light in an open field of grass, yes please! 

Whenever you want to do the photos, we will work out a plan that works best for your family, your traditions, and the photos you want to have captured.

A Ceremony in Church, Reception at Home?!

Mother nature sets the stage, and even the simplest décor, a poolside wedding in South Florida can be one of the prettiest places to get married. Many people add adornments to the water like floating lamps, and twinkle lights to trees, which look amazing at night and make for killer portrait opportunities.

Floral installations always look great but be sure to talk to your florist about the type of flowers because some of them just don’t like the heat and the humidity. You can’t go wrong with tropical flowers if you love them! How stunning are these tablescapes by Xquisite Events in Palm Beach.

Of course, not every tented wedding involved a traditional white top!  From gauzy, draped linen, to clear-plastic roofs  that allowed guests to enjoy the sunset – like Kathleen and JP’s wedding reception at home in Palm Beach. There are many creative and beautiful ways to make a tent all your own.  After their church ceremony, they headed home to this stunning backyard reception, with a custom designed wood floor and twinkling lights that created the feeling of stars in the sky at night.

Freedom to Choose Your Own Wedding Date At an Intimate Home Wedding

Want to get married at sunset on a Thursday in South Florida? You can!  One of the best things about an outdoor wedding on your own property is that you get to call the shots.

You don’t have to deal with when the caterer wants to serve food, you hire a caterer and tell them when you want it served.

Want to do a sparkler exit? You won’t be allowed to do that in a ballroom. The beauty of an outdoor wedding is that you can script the day to please your timeline, not one that pleases your venue.

This freedom appeals to a lot of people who want a wedding that is personalized, yet still elegant and meaningful. The day is much more relaxed, and timelines are not as much of a concern, which appeals to a lot of modern couples who have to deal with enough stress in everyday life!

Intimate Wedding Ceremonies at Home

This may seem like a small thing, but the vibe of the getting ready in the family home is totally different than getting ready in a hotel room. There’s just something more intimate about being around the things and people that are yours. 

Photographing these moments are often even more special for the families, and also allows them to be a little more present. At many weddings, they are often off at other locations, feeling a little shut off from the wedding couple. 

You can still maintain the tradition of not seeing each other if you get married at home, but it may take a little more logistical planning! If there’s room, get ready in different rooms, or you can also have one person go offsite and arrive just before the wedding.

Choosing your to host your ceremony in your own garden, private backyard or the beautiful tree that means so much to you – these are just a few reasons to host an intimate wedding backyard wedding in South Florida.

Some Considerations for Backyard Weddings in South Florida

Backyard weddings have a few unique challenges that you don’t have at a traditional venue, so it’s good to have a sense of some of the things you will need to look into including

  • Parking considerations
  • Permits needed
  • Residential neighborhood rules and regulations
  • Bringing in electricity or tents
  • Hiring vendors who are skilled in outdoor events !

With couples increasingly realizing the value of smaller  intimate ceremonies, or wanted to plan a large wedding without the current restrictions – it only makes sense that a family home is where they want to have their celebrations.  I think the resulting photos from these special weddings can be a very special legacy to hand down to future generations.

Do you want to talk more about your plans for your backyard or poolside wedding in Miami? I’d love to hear what your plans are. 

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